DrupalCamp NJ 2017

Updating your modules to Drupal 8: Salesforce Suite

Learn about updating a complex Drupal 7 module to Drupal 8, in the context of Salesforce Suite, and gain valuable insight to apply to your own open-source development projects.

In the fall of 2013, Aaron Bauman started to work on the first iteration of a port of the Suite from D7 to D8. Dozens of meta-comments, half a dozen refactors, and hundreds of hours later, Salesforce-8.x-3.x is picking up steam.

In this session, we'll explore aspects of navigating the dozens of new Drupal 8 APIs, architectural decisions when planning your projects, issues management, and team coordination. We'll look at Salesforce Suite's implementation of some specific APIs including:

  • Queue API and extending Drupal core DatabaseQueue
  • Route Subscriber, dynamic routing, and route alterations (formerly hook_menu_alter)
  • Events Dispatcher (Symfony-based partial replacement for Drupal's hook system)
  • Defining your own Plugin API (formerly a custom hook)
  • Rebuilding REST client for Salesforce API

Slides from the presentaion are available here: https://slides.com/aaronbauman/sfd8

Audience Level: 
Advanced (sysadmin, module developer)
Drupal 8
  • Good knowledge of Drupal module / contrib space.
  • Interest in Salesforce or other 3rd-party integrations a plus.

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