DrupalCamp NJ 2017

Session Tracks

Site Building

This track focuses on using Drupal core and contributed modules to build engaging digital experiences. Presentations should focus on how Drupal can be used/customized without having to write code.

Front End & Design

The focus of this track is on making Drupal's presentation layer look good and work well. Some topics we interested in are Using Twig, Making Themes for Drupal 8, Working with CSS and Javascript, Accessibility, User Experience, and Graphic Design.


In order to customize Drupal, back end developers work on writing custom modules, integrations, and APIs. This track is for talking about module development, migrations, designing and implementing API, connecting to 3rd-party platforms, devops, and more techincal topics.

Case Studies

Discuss examples of Drupal projects, project management practices, running a Drupal business, agile development methodologies, and other non-technical topics in this track.

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