DrupalCamp NJ 2017

Sprints during DrupalCamp NJ

DrupalCamp NJ is hosting a three day long sprint in conjuction with the camp. During this event we will work on issues for Drupal core, upgrading modules to Drupal 8, documentation, and anything else people are interested in. This year we are also organizing a Drupal 8 core major issue triage sprint, beginning Friday and lasting until the end of Sunday.

A key part of DrupalCamp NJ is promoting greater involvement with the project and community. To facilitate this we will be holding a free Mentoring & Collaboration day on Sunday, February 5.

This free event is open to people of all levels. Come for mentoring to get started with Drupal, learn how to contribute, or sit down with friends to work on building a Drupal site, module, or theme.

For more information, including times and locations, see the Sprint page.

Note: for all sprint events you need to bring your own laptop.

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